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When selecting the right company from which to buy your skin care products, the choice may not always be apparent. At KAVI, we put product quality and customer satisfaction above the bottom line. With a professional network of 5,000 dermatologists and skin care centers in the U.S., we are at the leading edge of advancements in skin care.
 1. Superior Production Processes

Most of KAVI's products are manufactured in its FDA-registered production lab to exacting standards that exceed cGMP regulations. Members of our chemistry team have maintained an average professional career of 25 years in pharmaceutical product development, many with a focus on clinical dermatology. And naturally, all KAVI products are rigorously tested for quality and undergo extensive field trials.
 2. High-Quality Ingredients

Wherever possible, we ensure the ingredients in our products are USP (United States Pharmacopeia) certified. The USP is the official public standards-setting authority for all prescription and over-the-counter medicines sold in the United States. Additionally, KAVI ensures the safety it builds into its products extends beyond public standards. For example, KAVI products do not contain any paraben-based preservative systems. While such systems are deemed ok to use today, they can degrade over time into dangerous toxins like formaldehyde. The preservative systems that KAVI does use will not degrade into dangerous toxins, however these systems are also less effective as preservatives. Even though taking this safer approach means we have to make products in smaller batches more frequently, we wouldn't have it any other way.
 3. High Concentration of Actives

Unlike certain brands that list popular (and expensive) actives like glycolic acid and acetyl hexapeptide in their ingredients but only use trace amounts in the product, KAVI designs its products with the right concentration to address the prescribed indications safely and effectively.
 4. Non-Comedogenic Products

All of KAVI's products, whether specific to pore treatment or otherwise, are tested for non-comedogenicity. Maintaining healthy pores is very important to us, and we want you to know that whenever you buy a KAVI product, you are buying a pore-friendly solution.
 5. No Animal Testing

From concept to finished product, the KAVI product design team is mindful to never require any testing to be performed on animals and rely instead on humane means of validation. This pledge extends to our business partners from whom we purchase ingredients.
 6. Excellent Value

Because of our superior production processes, high-quality ingredients, and high-concentration actives, a little product goes a long way. KAVI chemical peels are so effective that a full facial peel can require only 2ccís of solution. KAVIís anti-aging serums require merely a thin layer on the target area to be effective, permitting a 30mL bottle to last up to two months if used daily (assuming 25% facial coverage). And KAVI high-impact moisturizers deliver enough hydration to the epidermis to last up to 8 hours on very dry skin.
 7. Committed to the Environment

We keep our packaging simple to help reduce waste, even though we are in an industry where high-gloss boxes and heavy packaging can account for most of the reason why one product is chosen over another. We routinely ask our customers what they think, and a staggering 99% to date are not interested in extra packaging even if it costs them nothing more. The reason, they say, is because they would rather have less to throw away. And most of what does get thrown away from our packaging is biodegradable. Add a little water to our packing peanuts and watch them dissolve into nothing right before your eyes. KAVI's main production lab is also registered with the EPA.
 8. Customer Support

Our business has been built on customer service. We do our best to provide as much information on our website to allow our customers to have on-demand access to the data they need when they need it. Our online community allows KAVI customers to ask questions and receive expert answers in a broad, peer-based forum. Additionally, our support team is available to answer your specific questions by email or telephone.
 9. Rewards Program

To reward our customers who make frequent purchases with us through our online shopping portal, we offer the KAVI Rewards program (click for details). KAVI Rewards permits you to earn points for your purchases that you can redeem for KAVI products. You can earn 10 points for every dollar you spend, and the first redemption tier requires only 2250 points. Points are earned automatically and the online shopping portal will always try to pay for your purchases first with KAVI points.
 10. Referrals Program

The majority of our new customers come to us by word-of-mouth. We value the positive experiences that our customers pass on to their friends and family, and we wish to thank both our new and existing customers for finding us through referrals. The KAVI Referrals Program (click for details) offers 500 KAVI points to both the referring and the referred customer, providing each an opportunity to build their Rewards balance and obtain KAVI products at no cost.

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