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1. KAVI warrants all of its products to be free from defect and with statistical variation no greater than +/-0.01% from the products' printed specifications.
2. KAVI warrants all of its products to maintain their potency beyond the specified shelf life, beginning from the date of transfer to the customer.


1. If you are not satisfied with your purchase of a KAVI product, please contact KAVI Support at [email protected] for a Return Material Authorization (RMA) request.
2. A product may not be returned without prior authorization from KAVI.
3. Please include the following information in your email to KAVI Support:

Order number
Product(s) to be returned
Reason for return

4. A request for an RMA must be made within 30 days from the date of purchase.
5. An RMA can be requested for any product, with the following exceptions:
      (a) KAVI cannot issue RMA's for samples or larger sizes of any product;
      (b) KAVI cannot issue RMA's for any of its glycolic acid peels or salicylic acid peels.
6. KAVI cannot issue RMA's for multiple quantities of the same product whether from single or multiple orders.
7. KAVI reserves the right to refuse an RMA request from any customer it deems to be abusing the return policy.
8. Your RMA request may be for a credit, exchange, or refund with KAVI.
9. Purchases made through KAVI Rewards do not qualify for credits or refunds.
10. Any incentives or discounts earned from a product being returned are forfeited. These incentives and discounts include but are not limited to KAVI Rewards, promotional offers, coupons, and monthly specials.
11. Partial returns of orders that qualified for a discount in the same order will receive an adjusted credit or refund to reflect the order's revised contents.
12. Any incentives or discounts earned from an order and redeemed on a subsequent order will disqualify the former order from being returned for a credit, exchange, or refund.
13. KAVI will not provide credits, exchanges, or refunds in excess of $100. While an RMA may be issued for one or more products whose sum total is in excess of $100, the final credit/exchange/refund value will not exceed $100.
14. For product refunds, KAVI may refund to you the initial shipping & handling charges from your order, so long as the total refund is not in excess of $100. From orders where expedited shipping was requested, shipping & handling charges will not be refunded.
15. Returns must be received within 15 days of being issued an RMA.


1. KAVI cannot accept any open-box returns from its professional customers.
2. Please work directly with your account executive for any additional assistance.
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