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KAVI Glycolic Acid 40

KAVI Glycolic Acid 40
This buffered glycolic acid peel is suitable for most skin types (dry, normal, oily, and combination). At a pH of 2.1 and a concentration of 40%, KAVI Glycolic Acid 40 will exfoliate the upper layers of dead skin cells, which will continue to flake off for up to 72 hours after treatment.

Resorbed glycolic acid at this concentration will provide an accelerated rate of healthy skin cell regeneration for a seven-day period following exfoliation, helping to lift hyperpigmentation (age spots), moderate acne scarring, and wrinkles. Glycolic Acid 40 will also reduce pore diameter, improving the condition and appearance of skin with enlarged pores.   more info

Contains UltrapureŽ Glycolic Acid* (40%), deionized water, hydroxyethylcellulose, glycerin, witch hazel, sodium hydroxide, sodium chloride, allantoin, benzyl alcohol, methylisothiazolinone, citric acid. (*USP certified)

Every full facial glycolic peel requires approximately 3.5mL of solution.

Bottle SizeCost per 15mLBottle Price
2 fl. oz (60mL)  $14.00$56.00
4 fl. oz (120mL)$11.75$94.00
8 fl. oz (240mL)$9.50$152.00


Indications Premature aging, uneven texture or tone (acne scarring, age spots, dead skin buildup, wrinkles), enlarged pores
Contraindications Hypersensitive skin
Warnings Apply only as directed. Improper use of this product may result in acute skin irritation and inflammation.
Precautions Do not expose exfoliated skin to sunlight without adequate protection.
Special Handling Store in a cool, dark place.
Physical Attributes Viscous liquid
Shelf Life 12 months

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February 18, 2018
This customer purchased the item at our site.

After 3 uses, so far very good for at home use. I am licensed but do not practice anymore
Product line is easy to use and the buffered G acid is great

Advantages: Product easy to use. Buffered a big plus
Customer service is excellent
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Bena Currin
October 10, 2016
This customer purchased the item at our site.

This has really helped lift freckling and fine lines along my upper chest. Instructions are clear and easy to follow.
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Theresa Petros
August 4, 2016
This customer purchased the item at our site.

The only product that works for keratosis on my arms. I apply once a week with gauze right after a shower, wait 10 minutes, and remove with a wet wash cloth. As easy as that!

Advantages: Easy to apply

Disadvantages: A little bit itchy and prickly while it's on, but no big deal
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