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Salicylic Acid Peel

Salicylic Acid Peel
Beginning with USP certified ingredients prepared in EPA and FDA registered labs right here in the United States, KAVI salicylic acid peels are manufactured to the highest standards available to the U.S. pharmaceutical industry.

KAVI's retail line of salicylic acid peels maintain salicylic acid's naturally occurring pH is 2.35, an acidity perfect for safe and effective use without the need for buffering or acidification.

Choose from three different strengths, ranging from 8% to 25%. Peels are designed to provide light to moderate peeling over a 24 to 72 hour period. If you are peeling profusely from use of a given concentration, or if your skin remains irritated or inflamed for more than one hour after peel removal, the concentration you are using is too strong, and we would advise reducing the percentage by one or more iterations for subsequent peels.

Salicylic Acid 8Suitable for skin already accustomed to lighter AHA or BHA peels. Will help unclog pores, exfoliate dead skin cells, and eliminate acne infections. Can also be used to treat ingrown hairs.
Salicylic Acid 15Will unclog pores, exfoliate dead skin cells, eliminate acne infections, and reduce pore diameter, while improving the condition of skin suffering from seborrheic dermatitis or with acne scarring. Can also be used to treat ingrown hairs.
Salicylic Acid 25Can serve as the next stage after 8-12 weeks of 15% BHA exfoliation. Will unclog pores, exfoliate dead skin cells, eliminate acne infections, reduce pore diameter, and improve more severe cases of uneven texture (acne scarring, seborrheic dermatitis). Can also be used to treat ingrown hairs.

Product NameConcentration Bottle Size         Price       
Salicylic Acid 88%15mL$15.95
Salicylic Acid 1515%15mL$20.60
Salicylic Acid 2525%15mL$25.30

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Product NameConcentration Bottle Size Cost per 15mLPrice per Bottle
Salicylic Acid 88%60mL$10.50$42.00
Salicylic Acid 1515%60mL$13.50$54.00
Salicylic Acid 2525%60mL$16.25$65.00

Directions for Use:
1. Cleanse area to be exfoliated.
2. Using a sterile gauze, apply a thin layer of salicylic acid to the skin.
3. Wait for 60 to 90 seconds (20 to 60 seconds on sensitive skin, 20 seconds on first use).
4. Rinse off with cool water.
5. Apply KAVI SPF 30 on any exfoliated skin that will come into direct contact with the sun.
6. Repeat weekly until desired results are achieved.

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more detailed application instructions and for information on how to check your skin's sensitivity to glycolic acid.

Note: After about six applications, results will begin to diminish. At this time, it is best to allow the skin to return to its natural regenerative pace. Following a one month interval, the surface of the skin will again comprise a connected layer of dead skin cells.

Caution: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. In case of eye contact, flush with water. Some people may experience mild skin irritation. If irritation or redness lingers after rinsing, discontinue use and seek medical attention. Use caution when applying a solution stronger than 8% above the neckline. Keep out of reach of children.


Indications Clogged pores (blackheads, whiteheads), infected pores (papules, pustules, nodules, cysts), acne scarring, seborrheic dermatitis, dead skin buildup, enlarged pores, ingrown hairs, oily skin
Contraindications Dry skin, hypersensitive skin
Warnings Apply only as directed. Improper use of this product may result in acute skin irritation and inflammation.
Precautions Do not expose exfoliated skin to sunlight without adequate protection.
Special Handling Store in a cool, dark place.
Physical Attributes Liquid
Shelf Life 12 months

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4.67 out of 5, based on 9 customer reviews

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Cathy Angel
October 16, 2018
This customer purchased the item at our site.

I started using this product 15 and 30 in June 2018, it is amazing the difference in my facial skin and color. Great improvement in my skin and color. I highly recommend this product.

Advantages: Improved color and texture. Wrinkles and age spots are almost gone.

Disadvantages: None that I have seen.
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July 16, 2018
This customer purchased the item at our site.

Please note the base of this product is very strong. If you are looking for something suitable for sensitive skin, I would advise you to proceed slowly.

Advantages: Affordable

Disadvantages: The base is mostly ethanol and propylene glycol so it is both very strong and dries really fast.
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Angela Henkemeyer
April 18, 2018
This customer purchased the item at our site.

This product is amazing. I have used it a month now and these little white bumps on my face have been disappearing.

Advantages: Clears my skin.

Disadvantages: May dry out your skin slightly.
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