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1. Eligibility is restricted to registered KAVI customers only.
2. This program is not available to the KAVI Professional Network.


3. Registered customers will earn points based on the dollar value of the sub-total of their purchase (product costs excluding taxes and shipping). Eligible purchases are grouped into tiers. For every eligible purchase, a registered customer account is awarded the number of points designated for that tier. For a purchase to be assigned to a tier, the minimum dollar value designated for that tier needs to be met or exceeded by the sub-total of a purchase. An eligible purchase is assigned to the highest qualifying tier and to no other tiers.
4. Points earned will be reflected on a registered customer's account summary, accessible online at http://www.kaviskin.com.
5. Credits and returns do not earn points. Any returns will reduce the number of points available for redemption by the current accrual ratio x the credit.
6. Points will expire three years from the year in which they were earned.
7. Point accrual will begin upon a customer's registration with KAVI. No retroactive points will be awarded.


8. KAVI reserves the right to cancel, or temporarily suspend the program at any time without notice, which may result in the cancellation of outstanding points.
9. KAVI reserves the right to cancel any Rewards membership in the event of fraud, abuse of program privileges or violation of the program rules (including any attempt to sell, exchange or transfer points or any instrument exchangeable for points).
10. Points from multiple KAVI accounts cannot be added together or transferred from one account to another.
11. All rewards are subject to availability. KAVI may withdraw, change, or replace specific award items at any time.
12. The terms of this program are void where prohibited by law.


13. To redeem points, log on to http://www.kaviskin.com. For any product added to your shopping bag and for which your account has sufficient points to redeem, the cost of that product will be paid for in full with points. Any sales tax or shipping costs may still apply. You need not make a dollar purchase in the same session to redeem rewards.
14. Points are updated immediately after a qualifying purchase or a redemption has shipped.


15. Points may be redeemed for gift certificates. Please log on to your account at http://www.kaviskin.com to convert points to gift certificates.
16. No partial refunds or partial awards will be issued upon redemption of points. Points have no cash value except as specified in the Gift Certificates redemption option.
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