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The following are the complete terms and conditions to the KAVI Referrals Program:


1. Eligibility is restricted to registered KAVI customers only.
2. Accounts of both parties ("referrer" and "referred") must be in good standing in order for either party to be eligible for any awards or bonuses offered by this program.


3. Registered customers who have ordered from KAVI at least one time in a calendar month will receive a customer satisfaction survey in the following month at the email address they used to register their account. Customers will have the opportunity to share the email address of a friend or professional who referred them to KAVI.
4. The email address provided on the survey by the referred customer must be the email address of record on the referrer's account with KAVI. If KAVI cannot locate the email address provided, we may contact the referred customer for more information.
5. Upon successful verification of the referrer's account, KAVI will award 500 KAVI points to the accounts of both the referrer and the referred customer.


6. KAVI reserves the right to cancel or temporarily suspend this program at any time without notice, which may result in the cancellation of outstanding points.
7. KAVI reserves the right to suspend or terminate any account, including any accrued KAVI points therein, in the event of fraud, abuse of program privileges, or violation of the program rules (including any attempt to sell, exchange or transfer points or any instrument exchangeable for points).
8. Points earned from referrals apply to new customer registrations as of June 1, 2008, and are not available for referrals made prior to program commencement.
9. A referring customer (the "referrer") must have a pre-existing account with KAVI at the time the referred customer registers his/her account.
10. A customer may be referred to KAVI only one time. Subsequent referrals of a customer already referred by another customer will not be eligible for any bonus points.
11. A referring customer and a referred customer cannot share the same account billing address.
12. Referrals of a customer whose billing address matches a previously referred customer will not be eligible for any bonus points.
13. There is no limit to the number of referrals a customer can make nor the number of points a referring customer can earn from those referrals.
14. There is no cash value for points earned from any referral.
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